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It’s All About The Views

on October 7, 2013

My thoughts on Stats and which ones mean the most to be!

A Dream Come True


As bloggers and writers we churn out our poems, stories, photos and memoirs and send them out into WordPressland.  We work hard on our pieces, we try to make them shine and hope that a good number of people appreciate our efforts.

WordPress features allow us to see how many readers liked the piece, how many commented on our work, and how many actually gave our post a peek.  I find these features invaluable when gauging if my work was up to par or hitting the mark I was aiming for.

To me, it’s all about the views.  A view means someone actually visited my site, took a look around, and might have stayed to leave a comment or a Like or decided my blog was worth a future visit by pressing the “Follow” button . It means that something in the title, the subject matter or my style of…

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