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Hey Amazon…What’s Up With That?

on October 8, 2013

I was soooooo confused!

A Dream Come True

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18509-1355942833-4This morning I was shocked to discover three separate e-mails from Amazon.  Both letters advised me that there were UPDATES available for three books by the same author and I could download them…free.

Confused, my first thought was “what’s up with that?” I didn’t know that writer’s were allowed DO-OVERS once their work was published.  Do readers who purchase a novel expect it to get better somewhere down the road?

Naturally, I ran to my Amazon Account to find out why I was receiving updates on a published novel and how much I paid for the “original” version.

After a little research I found the “updated” versions were for three books I purchased through Amazon by author, James Hankins.  He writes a fairly decent book, not one I would submit for the bestseller list, but I’ve read worse.

The first book titled “Brothers and Bones” that I purchased for 99…

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