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Hey! Where’s My Beanie?

on October 30, 2013


When I enrolled in college, I was looking forward to experiencing the thrill and excitement of being a college freshman.  Okay, so I’m a little long in the tooth for some of the college activities that most students engage in…I admit it.

At my age, I might have to forego attending the toga parties and since I now abstain from alcohol I guess Keg parties are also out of the question.  But, dang it, at least I could wear a Freshman Beanie!

In case some of you youngsters have no idea what I’m referring to, here’s the item that I seem to be missing.


Yes, folks, this is a old time college beanie complete with button.  Why was the button so important?  Well, back in the fifties, freshman would be stopped in the halls of universities by upperclassmen and the older students would “button” them.  That meant that the lucky freshman was required to kneel before the students, touch the button on the beanie and say, “I’m but a lowly freshman.”

This was an old tradition that obviously didn’t carry forth through the many generations since the 50’s.  It might be for the best, since if I had to get down on my knees, there’s a possibility that I would need help getting back up (arthritis, you know).  And I might have a hard time not using another time honored tradition, called “shooting the bird”, when asked to embarrass myself in front of the entire student body.  Yeah, it probably wouldn’t be pretty!

Out of curiousity, I looked around in Cyberspace to see if college students wore beanies anymore.  To my surprise, they still have them but they look much different from the ones in the 1950’s.

thumb (4)

I did find a huge selection of rather novel beanies that students could wear…if they dared!

thumb (3)

To my surprise, when I looked in my college’s website, I found the perfect beanie for me and I’ll be ordering it today.

KU Concave Beanie Cap Navy White

Cold weather (as low as the 60’s) is drawing near and I want to be prepared to properly represent my college when I attend the football games (oh…we don’t have a team? Shucks!) But, I will take a picture of this lowly freshman wearing my new beanie once it arrives…maybe and maybe not!  We’ll have to see how it looks with grey hair tucked underneath!

You’ll notice…there’s no button!

Well, back to the books.



17 responses to “Hey! Where’s My Beanie?

  1. Gwen Stephens says:

    Have you ever seen the movie “Back to School” with Rodney Dangerfield? Your experiences enrolling in college is reminding me of it. If you don’t know the film, you must rent it! I have a feeling the humor is right up your alley, too. Happy studying.

  2. D.G.Kaye says:

    You will fit in just fine! 🙂

  3. barbtaub says:

    Ah, but I’m not sure your beanie lends itself to current sartorial strictures, which require the brim to face the rear…

  4. btg5885 says:

    I like The Donald, Duck that is. Best wishes on your new journey of organized learning.

  5. AH says:

    So I’m wondering how old are you?

  6. Bastet says:

    Ah yes definately you need the ducky beanine! Though you might find those wierd baseball caps cooler in Florida weather…and there’s nothing wrong with us’in baby boomers…anyone point a finger, bite it!

  7. Sallyann says:

    Ha ha. My reports always said Sallyann would do better if she tried harder. I wonder if this had anything to do with doing my homework on the paper round before school on the day it was due in..

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