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Happy Tuesday Thought

on November 19, 2013



Studying for the final for my first course!  Aieeeee!  But, wanted to share a smile with my friends before I get back to the books!  Have a great Tuesday!



18 responses to “Happy Tuesday Thought

  1. mewhoami says:

    I love that! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your studies!

  2. Sallyann says:

    Smile shared, thanks … great thought. 🙂

  3. btg5885 says:

    Love this picture and motto. Good luck on the exam.

  4. tric says:

    Best of luck in the exams. You show those younguns!

    • M E McMahon says:

      Got an A on all three finals tests…next week will find out my final mark, but I believe it will be an A also!

      Whew…lots of stress over least for four more weeks when I have to take my next final!

      Thanks for the good wishes!

    • Basharr says:

      I read a report by a commission and they graded our ability to deal with a WMD attack and they gave biological readiness a big fat F they said the H1N1 overwhelmed us and we could not produce a vaccine in the quantities needed to save lives.had it been a biological WMD attack.

  5. Basharr says:

    Just took my final for criminal Justice course It was about WMDs (Weapons of mass destruction) and response times, our biggest threat is biological as that is where we have failed to beef up our ability to detect and respond quickly save lives.

    Congrats on reaching your first final, I find I enjoy school now more than I ever did.

    • M E McMahon says:

      I agree…schools a lot more fun now then when I was in high school all those many years ago.

      I’ve always believed that the most vicious and unfortunately successful attack on the U.S. would be through biological warfare. Mutations of certain diseases would be difficult to combat. Let’s hope we get our act together and increase the safeguards against such an attack!

  6. Basharr says:

    ha! Replied in the wrong place…LOL

    • M E McMahon says:

      That’s ok…as I said Bio warfare really needs to be taken seriously (without the hysteria) and we need to be armed with vaccines. The popularity of the TV series “The Walking Dead” personifies what can happen when a virus runs rampant.

      Of course, we’re not going to turn into zombies, but a widespread outbreak of Ebola or some similar virus could be catastrophic.

      • Basharr says:

        Yes i agree, recently on the WD not only did they have to contend with zombies but they also contracted a super flu. Thankfully it is TV but super flus are a true worry as is ebola and other nasty bugs just waiting to be exploited.

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