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Happy Days Are Here Again!

on December 20, 2013


Oh, how I have missed you all!  With my nose buried in my school work, I’ve had little time to post and keep in contact with all you great people.  But, I pushed and pushed and finished my American Lit Class early so I’m free as a bird until January 6!

So, I’ll be able to do nothing but post for the next couple of weeks…oh, wait a minute.  I do have a few things I’ll probably have to catch up on.

Like, clean the house because I tried to find Danny the other day and had to dig him out of the pile of laundry that I’ve failed to attend to.

Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget that I haven’t shopped for a single Christmas gift…what the hell…I’ve still got six days left!

I’ll probably also have to go food shopping since Danny’s complaining about having Ramen Noodles every night!

I might have to take Buddy to the groomers since his nails now resemble bear claws and I think his fur used to be golden…not dingy grey!

Let’s not forget my annual six to seven hours I need to spend in the kitchen whipping up Christmas Cookies, although I have wondered if anyone would notice if I just got store-bought and packaged them myself.  Maybe they’ll think my baking skills have improved!

Anyway, I have no doubt I’ll still have lots of time to post, somehow, someway!  I’ve got lots to talk about but I have to go now…Danny wants something called “Breakfast.” Lord, I hope I remember how to pour his cereal in a bowl! Oh well, I can always Google it and find out!

It’s great to be back and I’ll be touching base with all of you at some point during this Christmas Break!



15 responses to “Happy Days Are Here Again!

  1. mcwoman says:

    You have the most wonderful sense of humor — and best of all you can write it down! Have missed you, my friend! I taught my last class on December 12th — so I’ve had a chance to get a bit ahead of you on the Christmas shopping. I gave up making cookies in 1980. So much of Christmas “celebration” and “tradition” are self-inflicted. So, relax. Have a hot toddy or some egg nog, kick back and let Danny figure out how to pour his cereal himself! Merry Christmas. Barb

    • M E McMahon says:

      I tried to let him pour his own once…it wasn’t pretty! 🙂 I’ve definitely missed all of you too! And, you’re right…I’m a glutton for punishment but I’m so used to the stress of the Xmas Holiday that I think I’d miss it if I didn’t do it! But, that Hot toddy sounds good!

  2. mewhoami says:

    Good to have you back and congratulations on finishing the class. I’m sure Danny’s happy to have you ‘back’ too. Men can be so lost without us. I haven’t bought a single gift either. Eek!

    • M E McMahon says: are probably like me and work well under stress. When the kids were little, I used to shop on Xmas Eve…prices went down! Stayed up all night wrapping! Glad that’s over with!

  3. Bastet says:

    Lol I’m so glad to see you peppy as always! So, I’m not the only one that didn’t do her Christmas shopping in advance…and baking…yes, doing that now! Nice to see you kiddo!

    • M E McMahon says:

      Got some shopping done today…not too much left on the shopping list…maybe food since I’ve got a dozen people coming for Xmas dinner. Yeah…definitely food! Nice to hear from you, too, Georgia!

      • Bastet says:

        Got my shopping don day before yesterday…and Amazon delivered the last one yesterday (yeah!) so now it’s just the food…have yourself a good one!

  4. CharleneMcD says:

    I have missed you too, love to find your email link when you are able to publish. I have been neglecting my own posts this month too making last minute Christmas gifts. So glad you are enjoying your classes. Isn’t learning fun!!! Merry Christmas to you and Danny and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!! Char

  5. M E McMahon says:

    Reblogged this on Grandma Says.. and commented:

    Cranky’s back..whoo whoo!

  6. tric says:

    Missed you cranky. You are like my port in a storm and it has been a tsunami here. Enjoy your “time off”, You’ll probably have skid marks behind you going back to college.

    • M E McMahon says:

      I imagine that time will pass quickly! The holidays tend to eat up a lot of days without noticing! Did get some shopping done today…exhausted but happy to have that much done at least!

      And, I missed ya right back!

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