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Just For Laughs

on June 29, 2014


Before I head off for my next class I thought I’d share some silly little things I’ve come across that made me laugh! Enjoy!



Gonna miss him!


Oh Yeah!!


Hey, how did that picture of my beautiful granddaughter Elizabeth get in here?

Well, time to hit the books and study!


Hope everyone has a smile filled week!



4 responses to “Just For Laughs

  1. btg5885 says:

    Too funny. I always liked the Pillsbury Dough Boy. His wife Play was lovely, but a tad flirtatious. I could never remember their first two children’s names, so thanks for reminding me they were John and Jane. However, that boy Dill was trouble. He turned out to be a real p—k. Well maybe not a real one, but you get the drift. The minister said at 4:10, “I think he’s done.”

    By the way, I love your studying technique and I know you are proud of that granddaughter. Later Gator. BTG

  2. joannesisco says:

    Yes – I plan to be the type of person who keeps pushing the alert button too 🙂

  3. mcwoman says:

    Does this mean you absorb knowledge by osmosis?

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