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Oh, you guys and gals!  You make an old lady blush!  You make my heart go pitter-patter and you just keep sending the love.  This page holds all those special Awards you have sent my way (my closet got full).

Under each gift of recognition, you will find the names of the bloggers who nominated me; bloggers who hold a special place in my heart for reading, commenting and passing these awards to me.  And they have kick ass really great blogs, take a moment and check them out.

When I got my first award, The “Liebster”, I kept checking my mail for my trophy (my mail carrier started to worry about me..she worries about me a lot!).  So, I looked into the award system here on WordPress and found that bloggers pass these awards to other bloggers with the purpose of recognizing them and to get their nominees to pass the award to other bloggers.

I’ve heard the word “chain letter” associated with these awards; but I have discovered that they bear no resemblance to a letter that threatens you with death if you don’t pass it on. I also discovered that receiving and passing the award on gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  A “Hey, someone reads my stuff!” kind of feeling.  Nothing like it, my friends, especially for a new blogger.

So, the shelves you find here in this room will be filled with Awards that I have received and will be passing on to other deserving bloggers.  I’m still working on some of them; but do not despair…Awards not posted yet are all in draft form and I’m working on them daily!

If you are nominated, I hope you brighten someone else’s day by giving out these gifts of recognition and giving a great big Thank You to the blogger who nominates you.  Feel the Love!

So, now,  if you enter my site, you can just click on the “Awards” page. When you’re in the room, do me a favor and dust them off, will ya?  Cranky don’t dust!


Adopted by:

J9’s Opinion

The Good, the Bad and the Ludicrious

Alzheimer’s Trail


Bally Bin – The Good, The Bad, The Ludicrous

Missing The Muse


Nominated by:

Gwen Stephens – “The 4 A.M. Writer”

lillyluna93 – “Writer’s Blog”

sarahcradit – “And Then There Was Sarah”

Pete Denton – “Pete Denton – Writer”

Experienced Tutors


Nominated by:

Keladelaide –  Free Little Words


Nominated by:

Lilyluna93 – Writers Blog

Kayla – The Thousand Lives

Missing The Muse


Nominated by:

1tric – My Thoughts On A Page


Nominated by:

Susan Norden – Red Asparagus – The Sugar Bee Chronicles

Emily Anne – UnkilledDarlings


Nominated by:

Joel Tipple – Write Here, Joel

S.K. Nicholls – My Brand Of Genius

Praying For One Day


Nominated by:

Erica – Encaustic Art Your House


 Nominated by : Timid Voice – Never Said Before


Terkinn – Bullying Prevention


Nominated by Bastet And Skehmet

beautiful_bloggerawardpurple_rev (1)

Nominated by:

Gwen – The 4 A.M. Writer


Nominated by:

Merbear74 – Knocked Over By A Feather

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Nominated by: smshamma – Just Saying


Nominated by: pulchritudynous – Philosophical Pulchritude


Nominated by: Transcending Borders

A Stroke Of Life

Granny Reports



Nominated by:  Lady Of Hope


Nominated by Bon Bon


Missing The Muse


Missing The Muse


Missing The Muse


Missing The Muse

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to all my nominators!  Love ya!

13 responses to “Awards

  1. I know you are away at camp, and you have been nominated before, but I too have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, and would be happy that you accept without doing all the requirements (bending the rules, Cranky!). Congratulations!

    Please see

  2. TamrahJo says:

    Thanks for the nomination, Cranky. I bestow upon you the “Fantabulous Award” – nothing to do but go grab your artwork at:

  3. I see that you’ve been nominated before, but I nominated you again for the Sunshine award! You blog always puts a smile on my face!

  4. JayNine says:

    Granny, I have added you to MY WordPress Family! I am about to publish but, I noticed you’re already part of someone else’s? Just wondering 1-do you mind if I still add you; without the need for you to follow up with Rules? 2-Who awarded you? I haven’t found a post linked to that ‘award’? I noticed its not here either lol?! I hope you will still be honored! 😉 You make me smile, thank you for all your wonderous shares…J9

  5. A Stroke of Life says:

    I also nominated you for a shine award. Just follow the link to find out how to pick up your award. You are awesome
    Keep Shining

  6. Dan Hoger says:

    I would like to nominate your blog for these 6 awards that my own blog had received. I wanted to use the awards to promote poets and creative writers, such as yourself. You can find the awards at

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