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Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink?


October – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey guys and gals, it’s that time of year to grab that pink ribbon in support of the researchers, patients and survivors of this deadly disease.  A cure is close…hopefully I will live to see it in my lifetime.  Until breast cancer is eradicated from the face of the earth, though, the Cancer Foundation needs support from all of us.

My small part is to provide the button above and ask my followers to consider putting it on their site for the month of October.  I also want to share the information I found on the National Breast Cancer Association, which provided me with information such as how to create an Early Detection Plan, their “Share The Shock” resource programs and fundraisers available for monetary support of cancer victims and research efforts.  Click here or press the button on my sidebar for information on how we can all learn more about this disease and how we can help to beat it in our lifetime.

So, are you tough enough to wear Pink on your website?  That goes for you fellows out there!  After all, many of us have family, friends or acquaintances who have suffered and survived this deadly disease…so come on.  Grab the button and slap it on!

Thanks, my friends!


P.S.  If anyone has trouble copying the badge and putting it on their site…let me know!  I volunteer my services to guide you through the process.  It’s the least I can do for your support!



Ten Fun Things To Do While In The Hospital


This page has been intentionally left blank….BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING FUN ABOUT BEING IN THE HOSPITAL!

🙂 Cranky


Cranky’s Believe It Or Not


As some of you may know, I finally got back to blogging a few weeks ago after having to stop to nurse Danny, my SO after his hospital stay for a bleeding ulcer.  Then, last week, increasing pain in my stomach and back forced me to the Emergency Room and I had to stay for three days for tests.  UGH!  After being released, bed rest has been mandatory and this is the first chance I’ve had to try and sit in a chair long enough to chat a bit with you.

I can’t believe that my pain was due to walking my rambunctious puppy two miles a day.  Evidently, his pulling and jumping on the leash resulted in pulling all the muscles in my back and my stomach!  So, I guess a new exercise regime will be required or I fear that my precious puppy may have to find another home.  I am signing him up for behavior classes in a last ditch effort to keep him here…it’s all up to him!

I did come to believe that I was not meant to diet!  After three weeks of dieting (and never cheating) Dan was put in the hospital.  I was back on track for one week and then I got thrown in the hospital.  So, the diet is on hold and all my concentration is going to be on getting our health back, catching up with my blogging buddies and my writing projects.

I hope you all will still visit even if my posts are erratic since I would hate to lose touch with all of you!  Well, back to the heating pad and my pain killers…we’ll talk soon!  Believe it or not!




Breaking News…Cranky’s Back!


Yes, my friends, after a long period of silence, I’m finally able to jump back into my “other” life here on WordPress.  And, oh, how I have missed being here.  But, the days of my turning a wistful eye towards my laptop are over for now and I hope that it will be a long time before I am dragged out of my WP world again!

An update on Danny…the surgery proved successful but Danny’s recovery has been slow…very slow.  His spirits have been a little on the down side since this was the second life-threatening illness in the past 16 months.  I can’t blame the guy for being scared.  But, I spend each day pointing out even the smallest improvement in his health and assuring him that he will improve even more as time goes by.

Of course, we now have a slew of doctor’s appointments for follow-up care and medication changes that have occurred.  Danny still has a lot of health issues (Hepatitis C, a damaged liver and now this damn ulcer) but I assure him that I’m in this for the long haul and he won’t be facing these challenges alone.  I love the guy and want to not only keep him around but want to make sure that whatever time we have left together is spent looking at the beauty and the humor in the world around us.  After all, that’s the best medicine you can give to someone like Danny!  When I can put a smile on his face or comfort him when he’s down…then I know I’m doing what’s right for him.

I can not begin to thank all of you for the thoughts, prayers and good energy you sent our way during this difficult time.  There are no words to express how much that meant to me but the tears in my eyes might give you some insight into how touched I was to read all your comments!

So, although a large part of my day is still spent on Danny’s care; I hope to be able to spend time daily keeping up with all your adventures and sharing some of mine.

I want to end this with a kernel of wisdom that I have gleaned from going through these health events with Danny.  There is no promise of tomorrow, so please, make sure that your time spent with your friends and loved ones is filled with laughs, love and hugs.

Again, thanks for all your love, support and well wishes.  But, be warned, Cranky is back!  And she’s got a lot to say!




Doing The Hospital Hop



Hi everybody…finally got away from the hospital long enough to send a short note.  Saturday Danny woke up violently ill and I had to rush him to the Emergency Room.  Tests showed a bleeding ulcer and since he is on blood thinners…it was very serious indeed.  But, I’m happy to report that surgery stopped the leak and he is now recuperating nicely.  We hope that all stays well so he can come home tomorrow.

Naturally, I have been at his side since Saturday and have had no time to post…but, once things are settled, I’ll catch up with you all!

Hope you are all well and you’ll hear from me soon!  Got lots to tell y’all when I come back!




Premature Post Phenomenon


Yesterday, I started a post for the WordPress Award.  Somehow, someway, somebody pushed the Publish button instead of the Save Draft.  Consequently, the stupid post went to the reader bearing only a title and a picture of the award.

The worst part of the situation is that I wasn’t aware of what happened right away.  While I was busy collecting nominee names, comments and likes started coming in for a post that I didn’t even know went out to the public!  I hurried over and marked it trash (easy to trash when there was hardly any work done on it).

I want to apoligize to anyone who took the time to put a Like or Comment on the post…and I sincerely hope that when I get the post finished…you will take a second look.  I have a great list of nominees ready but will be unable to complete the post until this weekend.

So, mea culpa and I hope you all have a great Friday!



Six Most Excellent Awards

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Wow…I received not one..not two…but six awards from Dan at Missing The Muse.  Thanks, my friend, and I feel these are quite special and am going to include them on my Awards Page.  Dan is on a kind of hiatus from blogging here…but he can be seen (alive and well) on his Facebook page.  Check him out…he’s very talented in many areas of the Arts and is definitely a Wordsmith extraordinaire!

So, as all awards go, we have some rules to follow to pass these wonderful awards on to others.  All my nominees deserve these six awards and many more.  All are excellent bloggers, writers, photographers and poets and I am feeling privileged that they share their works with me.

(1) Thank the person who nominated you!  “Thanks, Dan!”

(2) Do the Q&A below.  Look below…yeah…a little bit further…okay.

(3) Pass on the award to 10 – 12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.  Okay, will do!

Questions to Answer:

Favorite colour? – Blue
Favorite animal? –  Dog
Favorite number?  -14
Favorite nonalcoholic drink?  –  Diet Pepsi
Favorite alcoholic drink? – Budweiser Lite
Facebook or Twitter? – All of them!
My Passions? – Writing, my family, and my blogging buddies.
Giving or Receiving Gifts? – I totally LOVE giving gifts…getting them usually makes me blush!

Whew, that’s the hard part.  Now for the nominees!

1.  We Drink Because We’re Poets – These awards go to the group of poets, storytellers and photographers that make up this great site.  Whenever you need some inspiration…jump on over and one of them will be sure to help you!

2.  Readful Things – Ionia is unique, interesting, funny and most of all, an excellent blogger.  Check out her site and be prepared to be wowed!

3. Musings Of An Old Fart – BTG is someone I feel is the Paul Harvey of our times.  His writings are informed, full of Americana and thought provoking!  When I think of Excellence…I thing of him.  Check his site and get the real low down on some of today’s issues!  I’m not sure he accepts awards…but I just had to add him!

4. Bashars Outpost – Okay, I don’t think Bashar accepts awards…but I’ve known him long enough and followed him with such delight that I couldn’t complete this list without his name on it.  His writings are direct…to the point…and often shocking!  He takes the liars, the cheats and the politicians of this world and holds them accountable!  But, he also makes me laugh and we’ve shared quite a few chuckles together!

5. GrannyK Reports – Granny K is my twin sister by a different mother!  Well, she could be! We share so many similar thoughts, observations and chuckles that we might have been meant to be twins but got mixed up in the last minute birth shuffle!  Anyway, Granny’s site is always a pleasure to read and I love her wit!  So, get over there and see what the other Grandma thinks about life!

6. Cubby’s Corner – Debbie Gies says it all with her tagline…”I am Me!”  She’s a wonderful writer and is kind enough to share her journey of self publishing with us.  Check out her corner of WordPress…it’s well worth a visit especially if you want to know more about self publishing.  She’s happy to help!

7. A Thankfully Imperfect Woman – Patty O is just like me…imperfect and proud of it!  Her posts are heartwarming and a real pleasure to read.  She’s down to earth and close to her faith…a perfect combination!

8. Dancing Thru Years – Bitty Girl’s site has it all.  Her thoughts, her trials and tribulations being a caregiver and some really awesome recipes!  She’s my age so we share a lot of the same experiences…and she shares my pain in being a caretaker.  So, hop on over and check her wonderful site!

9. The Vanilla Housewife – This mommy shares her life with her two kids and husband in a very funny, witty way.  I always enjoy reading about her family’s antics and her reactions to the world around her.  Grab a cuppa and a chair and drop in on a great blogger!

10. Making Meaning – Faeangel (Angela) does it all…poetry, art and great stories about her family.  Visit her neat little site and you’ll find she’s a pleasure to follow!  You’ll recognize her by her “inky” fingers!

11. Desiree – Juni Desiree is new to my site and each time I visit hers, I am enchanted.  She’s fresh, she’s bright and she’s a warm, compassionate young lady.  Check out her site and see why I love to visit her and hear her latest thoughts!

12. An Upturned Soul –  Ursula is another blogger that can do it all.  One look at her photographs will have you hooked.  She’s a great source of inspiration and deserves a visit! So, get over to her site and check it out!

Whew…I did it!  Just a note to all my nominees…there are “no strings attached” to these awards.  Please accept them as an acknowledgement for having enjoyable and interesting sites and for as recognition for your skills in entertaining your readers.  I hope you will pass them on to other bloggers and make their day but if time doesn’t allow that, at least take the following award buttons and post them on your site.  You deserve them!

To any bloggers that I haven’t included in this post or in previous award posts…please realize that I follow many, many bloggers and it’s impossible to list all of your most excellent sites…and I still have a load of awards to address so I might be saving you for one of those!

Congrats to all my nominees and another heartfelt thank you to Dan for nominating me for these awesome awards!


Here’s the buttons you need to post to your sites:







Enjoy them…you’ve earned them!


A Little Inspiration and A Lot of Silliness


I’m going to do something a little bit different today.  I want to pay back all the wonderful people who inspire me with their great stories and awesome pictures.  But, being who I am, I’m also going to include a little bit of fun in the mix.  Why?  Just because I can! 🙂  So, here goes!


Where would we be without the Dreamers and the Doers?


This one just made me laugh…and laugh…and laugh!


Story of my life!


I have days like this!


Out of the mouth of Babes!


Words to remember!


Betty Boop is my idol…always has been and always will be!

Now, the next one is a little…well…risque?  If You are easily offended…run now.  But, I had to put this one in since it made me laugh so hard I cried!


Hope you all have a great evening!  Cheer up…tomorrow’s Friday!





We’ve Lost A Legend


Julie Harris

1925 – 2013

Julie Harris, renown star of Broadway, Movies and Television, passed away at the age of 87.  Her roles were many and diverse during her long career.  From playing a tomboy in “A Member of the Wedding” to Mrs. Lincoln, she handled all her acting roles with a quiet grace that mesmerized audiences throughout the decades.

The younger generation might remember her as the scheming southern belle in “Knots Landing” while others might reminisce about her role as Sally Bowles, in “I Am A Camera (Caberet was a adaptation)”

She won an unprecedented five Tony awards for her roles on stage and I’m sure the lights on Broadway will be dimmed now that she has left us.

Rest in Peace, Julie!


A House Is Not Always A Home


The heat here in Florida has been stifling…so Danny and I decided to take a ride by the beach.  I love these little excursions as I get to look at all the McMansions sitting along the road.

We play a little game called “Which one is Steve’s house” in which we drive down the road that Stephen King has a winter house and guess which one the King of Horror lives in. Of course, Mr. King gives no clues: there are no vampires looking out the windows, there aren’t rabid dogs running to greet us and there isn’t a clown in sight. So, based on what we know about his house (which is close to nothing) we try to guess which one he roosts in during the northern winter months.

Here’s the one I think it is…


Why do I think this is the one?  It’s simple, its got enough room for Tabitha to write on one floor while he writes on another and it’s empty (since summer is here, I’m sure he’s enjoying Maine’s cooler temps.)  The Armed Security sign kept us from peeking around and I didn’t want to spend the day getting bonded out for trespassing, so I’ll just keep my conviction that this is where he lives.

We left his road and proceeded to drive down the scenic route that takes us past homes that are hard to imaging living in, such as this one…


Okay, guys and gals, although we all dream of living the life of the Great Gatsby, would you really feel at home in this huge, huge house?  I know I wouldn’t want to clean it and I’d probably spend half my day searching for Danny in this bad boy.  I probably don’t have enough friends to fill the entryway, never mind the living room.

We did find a touch of Florida at one of the homes in the driveway of this one…


No, not the luxury car..the golf cart is the new “in” way to travel around the beaches as long as the batteries don’t run out.

At the end of this long, long ride around the shores of the Gulf Of Mexico, I am reminded once again why I love Florida.  The beautiful sea and skies make for a stunning view from any place along the shore.


And for us that can’t afford one of those McMansions (which we jealously refer to them as) we always have access to the public beaches and you can frolic to your heart’s delight (as long as you follow the rules on this..)


You’ve all seen these..the signs that say don’t do anything but enjoy yourself while you’re doing it!  Anyway, we poor folk do love our beaches here and as you can see, the weekend is a great time to head to the Intercoastal Waterway as seen here…


Well, too soon our ride was over and we headed back to our simple little house.  I sat down and thought about all those beautiful houses, but wondered if they were really a home.  I can’t imagine myself living in one since I need a sense of closeness around me…my family, my friends and my dog would be swallowed hole in one of these houses.  So, even though they are great to look at, I’ll kick my feet up here and be glad for the simple things in life.

So, my friends, when you look at the pictures, you can decide for yourself whether these houses look like a home for you.  Me?  I’ll stay where I am, thank you very much.


Be It Ever So Simple

There’s No Place Like Home

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Oh, and by the way, I can’t leave without proof that the photographer of all the pictures, except the cartoon and the last photo, was ME!  Only I could get a picture of me in the sideview mirror…don’t worry…this is why I write and don’t take pictures!


Happy Sunday!



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