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Goodbye To A Hero


Mike Patterson, his wife and three children

On June 8, Mike Patterson was enjoying an afternoon with his nine-year old son on the shores of Euharlee, Creek in Rockport Ga.  The 43 year old spotted a toddler drowning in the swimming hole and, without hesitation, dived in to save the small child.

He succeeded but suffered a severe neck injury and was found unconscious and drowning in the water moments after rescuing the small child.  He had broken his neck in three separate places as he had dived into a shallow area of the swimming hole head first.  He has spent the days following his heroic act in the Intensive Care Unit of a nearby hospital, paralyzed and battling pneumonia caused by the water in his lungs.

Today, Mike Patterson lost the battle and died from his injuries.  So, now we have to say good-bye to a good samaritan who selflessly gave his life to save another.  Let us remember him and send our prayers to his family and loved ones. May his sons always remember and respect their father for the Hero he was.

R.I.P. Mike..You lost the battle but you saved the day.

A fund has been set up in Mike’s memory to defray the medical costs and family expenses for Mike’s surviving family.  You can get more information here:

Friends Of Mike Patterson


Writers Deux It With Words


“PAS DE DEUX –  an intricate relationship or activity involving two parties or things”
Daily Prompt: Tagline
by michelle w. on June 19, 2013

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

A reader opens a book and prepares to join the writer in a literary dance.  The writer has set down the words, choreographed the setting, the characters and the plot for the reader to follow, step by step.  The reader is ready to be swept away with the story and joins the writer on the stage of words; dancing in time with the story. Together, they form a Pas de deux.

As writers, we open our imaginations, our thoughts and our views to our readers and invite them to join us in a one on one relationship for a short time.  We want to let them lose themselves in our fantasies, our stories or our poems.  We share our feelings in our words and when the words are right, the reader feels our emotions.  It is a wonderful thing when that happens.

So, if I had to pick a tagline for who I am, what I do and how I do it, I would choose “Writers Deux It With Words”.  For I use my words to invite the reader to join me in the dance.

And, we all want to dance, don’t we?

Photo credits: Lucinda Dunn and Robert Curran in Don Quixote. Photo Justin Smith


To All The Dads


I think this says it all!



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Popping With The Prompts

dancing pigdancing pigdancing pig 30075yu908

There have been those days, oh yes my friends, when I stare at the “New Post” screen and go totally blank.  I’m empty..I’m clueless..I’m lost.

I have to write, it’s like breathing to me now, and a day with no inspiration is pure torture.  I am working very hard on my novel, but have found that some days I’m flying with new material and others I avoid the table with the manuscript on it like the plague.  Because, on those days, I’ve got nothing!

Just when I thought I had bottomed out and all the fresh, sharp ideas had been done…I checked out what these “Daily Prompts” were all about.

I have found that they are the wind beneath my wings (oh gag..but true!) for those times when I couldn’t think of one damn thing that interested me enough to post about.

They challenged me to stretch out of my comfort zone and try different genres and you know what?  I’M HAVING A BALL!  Sometimes, just one sentence suggesting an opening or theme for a story is all it took to light a fire under my butt.

One of the prompts led me to write in a genre I had never tried before and I loved the result.  I loved the piece so much that I finally did what I’ve been trying to get up the gumption to do since I began pursuing my dream of being a published author.  I submitted the piece to an on-line publishing site.  Can you see where I’m going with this?

Oh yeah, my friends, I received an acceptance letter and a contract today!  I am in shock and am absolutely flying high.  I can die happy now, (not rich because I get paid based on how many readers download the story).  But, I am officially a published author.  Shut The Front Door!

And, who do I thank for this?  Well, my blogging buddies for one, who gave me the confidence to finally submit my work to a publisher.  Without you, I would never found the chutzpah to ever try to get published.  Your positive feedback has been my driving force, and I owe you all..big time!

I also have to thank those wonderful sites such as “Daily Post – Daily Prompt” and “Scribblers Ink Blog” for providing those prompts and firing up my creative juices.  There are other sites that have Daily Prompts, if you look around,  and all of these sites offer inspiration and motivation.

So, if you find yourself with a muse that is MIA or you spend hours staring at a blank screen, try one of those Daily Prompts.  In no time, you’ll find yourself Popping With The Prompts!




Don’t Ask Me…I Won’t Tell


Daily Prompt: Never

by michelle w. on June 5, 2013

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORBIDDEN. 

My father once gave me a piece of sage advice that I’ve never forgotten.  “Never talk about politics or religion when you drink.”  I bring that advice into my writing, for these are the two subjects that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole in my articles or stories.

I don’t refuse to write about these subjects because I worry about what people will think of me; I don’t hold back because I feel that I might upset some of my readers. Anyone who has followed my posts can tell you that at times I write with a soft and gentle touch.  Sometimes I come out kicking.

Why do I consider these two subjects off-limits?  Well, let me explain.

Let’s take politics first.  I am just not a political type of gal.  It’s as simple as that.  I leave the filibustering and controversy to minds and voices greater than mine to sort out the political issues that surround us.  It’s not that I don’t care what’s happening in our government, I’m just as American as the next writer.  I just don’t feel it necessary to make my political likes and dislikes public and I definitely don’t want to debate these issues.  I speak my mind at election time in the polls.

Now, give me an injustice, give me a cause to fight for and I run to my laptop and take off the gloves.  Show me some good old American patriotism and I’m the first in line to shout “Well, done!” But comments on the state of affairs in our government are better left in the hands of the political journalists; I don’t feel the need to tread in their waters.  I keep my opinions to myself and refuse to share them in print.

Why is religion taboo when I write?  I am just not a religious type of gal.  I have my beliefs, my faith in a higher power and my set of moral standards that I follow.  I don’t expect anyone else to walk my spiritual path and I don’t write about how others should follow my beliefs.  I avoid organized religion and hold my convictions close and private.  It’s who I am and it’s served me well.

Now, let me see an beautiful sunset, or hear the first cry from a newborn baby, and I’ll write about my beliefs in the beauty of the world.  Show me one human treating another with kindness and love and I’ll put those warm and fuzzy feelings I get in print.  But I leave the religious articles and posters that claim they have the one true religion to other writers and their followers.

To those writers who do tackle these difficult subjects in their writings, I tip my hat to you.  I do read your material and I respect your observations and views as I would when reading your pieces on any other subject.

But,  if you ask me to write about my views on Abortion or Gun Control, I’ll say, “Don’t ask me.”  And, if you want me to write about my religious beliefs, I’ll just shake my head and say “I won’t tell.”


My Little Ugly Duckling


Daily Prompt – 6/2/2013 – Silver Linings

It was June 22, 1970.

I was ready.  They wheeled me into the delivery room, poked me with needles and slapped a gas mask over my face.  It was time to deliver my baby.

A short time later, groggy and with no memory of the actual birth, I asked my husband where our baby was.  He smiled and said, “They’re cleaning our beautiful daughter up and then they’ll bring her in to meet us.”  He stood there, holding my hand and wiped tears from his eyes.

“It’s a girl?”

“Yes, honey.  And she’s beautiful.  I got to see her when they brought her to the nursery to get cleaned up.”

“She’s okay?”

“She’s gorgeous.  Looks just like you.”

A nurse appeared at the doorway, holding our bundle of joy that I had waited nine long months to meet.  She walked to the side of my bed, and laid my daughter in my left arm.  I turned my head and took my first look.

I gasped.  “Where’s my baby?” I shouted.  “This is not my baby..I ordered the Gerber baby.”

My husband and the nurse walked off to the side of the room and laughed.  I heard the nurse explain that I was still a little bit out of it with the gas I had sucked in.

Meanwhile, I stared at this being that they were pretending was my child.

She had thick, coarse black hair…a full head of it.  Her eyes were jammed shut and sported dagger like eyelashes that seemed to reach down to her nose.  Her dark, red face was scrunched up and all I could think of was that if you threw a sealskin coat on her, she could pass for an eighty year old Eskimo.

“Does she have her own snowshoes?” I murmured.

“What, honey?”  My husband returned to my side and grabbed my hand.

“Nothing.”  I’ve given birth to the ugly duckling, I thought, and prepared myself for the stunned stares of my relatives and friends when they saw my newborn child.

My tiny daughter flailed her clenched fists and then turned her head towards me.  I watched her as she smacked her lips and laid her cheek on my bare arm.  In that instant, I knew she was mine.  I felt the love flow from me towards this little being I had helped create and I was lost forever in the wonder of being this child’s mother.

She might not have the boys in the nursery lining up to sign her dance card; but to me, she was beautiful.

As time went by, my infant daughter grew into a beautiful baby..with creamy skin, deep azure blue eyes and silky brown hair.  She garnered oohs and ah’s from all who saw her.   Today, she is not only beautiful to look at, she has a beautiful heart.

But, if my little ugly duckling had never turned into the beautiful swan she is today, I would still think she was the most beautiful baby ever born.


Those Were The Days

Bea Arthur on Broadway


1923 – 2013

Jean Stapleton

Actress Jean Stapleton, who we all remember as “Edith Bunker” in the groundbreaking television series, “All In The Family” died today at the age of 90.  She won three Emmys for her role as the loveable “dingbat” who played straight man to Carroll O’Connor‘s “Archie.

 Rest in Peace, Jean, you were always part of our family!



The Night They Knew – Daily Prompt

DAILY PROMPT – 5/31/2013 – All of a sudden two moons appear in the earths atmosphere…

moons two


“Hello, New York, this is Jessica Lester and Brad Turnberry, coming to you from the WZCB newsroom with a breaking story that has the world at a standstill.  At 1 a.m. EST, two moons have been sighted in our skies.  This phenomenon has scientists stymied, they have no explanation for the second moon.  Astrologers are scrambling for their telescopes to get a better picture of the new moon and it’s surface.  It has been reported that the Pope is scouring the bible for any passages that scholars missed over the centuries, foretelling of the arrival of another moon and it’s meaning.  How are the people in government handling this strange and mystifying sighting, Brad?”

“Well, Jessica, many people think it’s the beginning of the end of the world.  Others feel that it might be the second coming that millions have waited for. NASA has been alerted and astronauts on the Space Station are keeping an sharp eye out for alien activity on or around this new planet.  A White House spokesman has reported that the President believes it is an optical illusion and people should focus on his Obama Care Plan instead.”

“Thanks, Brad.  Well, there you have it.  No-one knows why there are now two moons up above or what the long term effects of having a second moon are.  But, we here at WNCB will keep you updated as new reports come in.  Until then, stay calm and keep your eyes to the skies.  This is Jessica Lester, signing off.


The Master of All Universes was taking a stroll through the heavens with her son.  She wanted to visit her favorite planet, Earth and it’s darling little inhabitants.  She had been busy creating another whole universe and had not been able to drop in on the planet in an eon.  She walked with a quick light step over the clouds and bent over to take a peek.

When she spied the two moons, sitting side by side, she stood up and put her hands on her hips.  She turned and beckoned her son to her side.

“Harry, did you drop that moon down there while I wasn’t looking?  How many times have I warned you about upsetting these universes that Mommy spends eternities organizing?”

Her young son dropped his head and shrugged his shoulders.  “There’s a hole in my robe, Mommy, it must have dropped out!”

“Well, get down on the clouds and pick it up.  You’re upsetting the earthlings.  Hurry up now, do as I say.”


People continued to stare at the two moons, afraid to see and afraid to look away.  They were hypnotized, they were frozen in place.  Then, a distant peal of thunder became louder and then deafening as they watched the clouds spread and separate, leaving a clear view of the star filled skies and the two moons.  The thunder grew and grew until they covered their ears and cowered in the streets and in the fields.

They watched in fear as a huge hand emerged from the clouds and scooped up the mysterious new moon.  Some screamed in horror; some laughed hysterically and others raised their hands in supplication.  The enormous hand receded into the clouds but returned a few seconds later.  They watched in amazement as the hand gave the earthlings the universal peace sign.

Then, the hand gave a short wave and disappeared amid a final roll of thunder.  A gentle calm settled over the skies and once more, a solitary moon hung in the atmosphere. Bewildered and amazed, the crowds dispersed and headed back to their homes.

But, all who witnessed the event came away changed; doubt was gone and hope was renewed.  In the following months, wars ended; people held out loving hands to their neighbors and peace reigned over the Earth.

For now they matter what beliefs they had held..they were not alone.


Join Me Please


Please join me in sending our prayers, our thoughts and our hopes to the victims of the deadly tornado that has devastated Moore, Oklahoma.

Let’s pray that people will find their loved one’s safe and sound, let’s think about how we can send help and support for the victims and let’s hope that they find all the children still buried under the rubble of the elementary school, and all other survivors not located yet.

Let’s pray together for the families, for the rescue workers and for the volunteers and send them our love and support.  It is times like this that Americans should put aside all their differences and pull together to help these poor people.

Yes, let’s pray together.




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