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Six Most Excellent Awards

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Wow…I received not one..not two…but six awards from Dan at Missing The Muse.  Thanks, my friend, and I feel these are quite special and am going to include them on my Awards Page.  Dan is on a kind of hiatus from blogging here…but he can be seen (alive and well) on his Facebook page.  Check him out…he’s very talented in many areas of the Arts and is definitely a Wordsmith extraordinaire!

So, as all awards go, we have some rules to follow to pass these wonderful awards on to others.  All my nominees deserve these six awards and many more.  All are excellent bloggers, writers, photographers and poets and I am feeling privileged that they share their works with me.

(1) Thank the person who nominated you!  “Thanks, Dan!”

(2) Do the Q&A below.  Look below…yeah…a little bit further…okay.

(3) Pass on the award to 10 – 12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.  Okay, will do!

Questions to Answer:

Favorite colour? – Blue
Favorite animal? –  Dog
Favorite number?  -14
Favorite nonalcoholic drink?  –  Diet Pepsi
Favorite alcoholic drink? – Budweiser Lite
Facebook or Twitter? – All of them!
My Passions? – Writing, my family, and my blogging buddies.
Giving or Receiving Gifts? – I totally LOVE giving gifts…getting them usually makes me blush!

Whew, that’s the hard part.  Now for the nominees!

1.  We Drink Because We’re Poets – These awards go to the group of poets, storytellers and photographers that make up this great site.  Whenever you need some inspiration…jump on over and one of them will be sure to help you!

2.  Readful Things – Ionia is unique, interesting, funny and most of all, an excellent blogger.  Check out her site and be prepared to be wowed!

3. Musings Of An Old Fart – BTG is someone I feel is the Paul Harvey of our times.  His writings are informed, full of Americana and thought provoking!  When I think of Excellence…I thing of him.  Check his site and get the real low down on some of today’s issues!  I’m not sure he accepts awards…but I just had to add him!

4. Bashars Outpost – Okay, I don’t think Bashar accepts awards…but I’ve known him long enough and followed him with such delight that I couldn’t complete this list without his name on it.  His writings are direct…to the point…and often shocking!  He takes the liars, the cheats and the politicians of this world and holds them accountable!  But, he also makes me laugh and we’ve shared quite a few chuckles together!

5. GrannyK Reports – Granny K is my twin sister by a different mother!  Well, she could be! We share so many similar thoughts, observations and chuckles that we might have been meant to be twins but got mixed up in the last minute birth shuffle!  Anyway, Granny’s site is always a pleasure to read and I love her wit!  So, get over there and see what the other Grandma thinks about life!

6. Cubby’s Corner – Debbie Gies says it all with her tagline…”I am Me!”  She’s a wonderful writer and is kind enough to share her journey of self publishing with us.  Check out her corner of WordPress…it’s well worth a visit especially if you want to know more about self publishing.  She’s happy to help!

7. A Thankfully Imperfect Woman – Patty O is just like me…imperfect and proud of it!  Her posts are heartwarming and a real pleasure to read.  She’s down to earth and close to her faith…a perfect combination!

8. Dancing Thru Years – Bitty Girl’s site has it all.  Her thoughts, her trials and tribulations being a caregiver and some really awesome recipes!  She’s my age so we share a lot of the same experiences…and she shares my pain in being a caretaker.  So, hop on over and check her wonderful site!

9. The Vanilla Housewife – This mommy shares her life with her two kids and husband in a very funny, witty way.  I always enjoy reading about her family’s antics and her reactions to the world around her.  Grab a cuppa and a chair and drop in on a great blogger!

10. Making Meaning – Faeangel (Angela) does it all…poetry, art and great stories about her family.  Visit her neat little site and you’ll find she’s a pleasure to follow!  You’ll recognize her by her “inky” fingers!

11. Desiree – Juni Desiree is new to my site and each time I visit hers, I am enchanted.  She’s fresh, she’s bright and she’s a warm, compassionate young lady.  Check out her site and see why I love to visit her and hear her latest thoughts!

12. An Upturned Soul –  Ursula is another blogger that can do it all.  One look at her photographs will have you hooked.  She’s a great source of inspiration and deserves a visit! So, get over to her site and check it out!

Whew…I did it!  Just a note to all my nominees…there are “no strings attached” to these awards.  Please accept them as an acknowledgement for having enjoyable and interesting sites and for as recognition for your skills in entertaining your readers.  I hope you will pass them on to other bloggers and make their day but if time doesn’t allow that, at least take the following award buttons and post them on your site.  You deserve them!

To any bloggers that I haven’t included in this post or in previous award posts…please realize that I follow many, many bloggers and it’s impossible to list all of your most excellent sites…and I still have a load of awards to address so I might be saving you for one of those!

Congrats to all my nominees and another heartfelt thank you to Dan for nominating me for these awesome awards!


Here’s the buttons you need to post to your sites:







Enjoy them…you’ve earned them!


Beautiful Blogger Award


I am once again honored to receive another award by a fellow blogger.  I am truly chuffed (look it up, I had to!) to accept this award and to pass it on to others.  Since I’m at camp, and am drowning in words, I thought I’d take a break and recognize my nominator and pass the award on to other bloggers that have some really beautiful posts!

Now when my Buddy Blogger, Gwen, notified me that she had nominated me for this award, I quickly sent make a message asking her if she’d looked at my Gravatar lately?  Not too many people could look at my profile picture and consider it beautiful!  Gwen responded that the award was based on my writing.  Whew!  Thought Gwen might need a pair of glasses.

Well, the rules are pretty easy to follow:

(1) Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.  SEE ABOVE!  You can also few it on my Awards Page.

(2) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.  SEE BELOW!

(3) Tell 7 things about yourself.

(4) Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Gwen’s blog, The 4 A.M. Writer, is one of the first sites I followed when I signed on to WordPress.  She’s funny, insightful and an overall great blogger!  Check out her site and be ready to be entertained!

Good golly, Miss Molly!  I have to divulge seven things about me that you haven’t heard before!  Well, here goes!

1.  I love sunsets and sunrises.

2.  I cried when I received my first piece of mail from AARP!

3.  I am lead singer for the Off Key Singing Club!  Well, at least I could be.

4.  I have a bad back that required surgery and now have more problems with it then I started with!  And people wonder why I’m Cranky!

5.  I have chicken legs, long but thin.  Cluck..cluck!

6.  I have my father’s sense of humor.  Weird, sarcastic and at times, very funny!

7.  Johnny Depp and I are having an affair.  (He doesn’t know about it.)

So, now that I’ve done the expose portion of this award, let me get to my seven nominees.  These are in no particular order as far as preference and I flaunt the fact that I am an equal opportunity award nominator!

1. John – Noontime Photography – This gentlemen has a gentle soul and a fantastic eye when taking his photos!  I am providing the link for his new photography site so you can see what I’m talking about.  Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe his work!

2. Sheila – Alzheimer’s Trail – Sheila writes about the challenges of taking care of her Mom in witty, touching and beautiful posts.

3. Ronnie Ann – Out Of My Head – This lady’s site is built on thoughts that just pop out of her head.  (A woman after my own heart!)  Her posts are insightful, fun to read and basically a great site to visit.

4. BTG5885 – Musings of An Old Fart – Another blogger who tells it like it is!  And, that my friends, is a beautiful thing to behold!

5. Timid Voice – Never said before – This is a blogger who is finding her voice..and a beautiful voice it is!

6. Savax – I Am Savax Blank – This young lady has a gift of putting thoughts into such beautiful posts, ones I enjoy very much!

7. The Inquisitive – Footprints (Petals and Raindrops)  – This young lady lives in Germany and has a natural curiosity about the world around her..and she shares her findings with us!

All of these bloggers have all the qualifications for this award.  Be sure to check out their sites for a beautiful experience!

Now, I know some of you are busy and don’t have time to pass on this award; there’s no obligation to do so (but I hope you will!) and there’s no rush to comply with accepting the award.  Just know that I consider all my nominees Beautiful Bloggers, as are so many others I follow.

Thought you’d like a picture of me hearing that I’d been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  As you can see, with or without’s a face only a mother could love!





The Versatile Blogger Award


It’s Arts and Crafts time here at Camp NaNoWriMo, so as I mentioned, since I am all thumbs, I will put this class time to different uses. First, I hate to brag..I really do. Ask anyone, I’m a very humble person. But, since I’m about to pass this award on to 15 other Versatile Blogger’s, I thought I’d share with them my rewards for writing about all different walks of life and putting my views about current events (or past ones) out there.

Today, I woke up and discovered that I now have 300 WordPress Followers.  In just a few short months, 300 people decided that my posts might deserve a peek here and there.  Wow, I am honored and I want to thank each and every one of them for their support.  I also now have reached over 5000 views and over 1000 of those all important and cherished comments. In only two months, you all have made me feel appreciated and loved, so let me pass some of that love on right now.

Now, of course, there are rules that I and my nominees must follow to wear this badge with honor and they are:

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( You know who they are.  If not, you’ll be able to look through all the great blogs out there and in no time, you’ll find your 15.)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — then let them know you think they’re special by notifying them of their nomination (you might want to give them a link back to your post.)
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

First, I want to thank Joel Tipple,whose blog “Write Here, Joel” is a source of inspiration to me!  Hugs and Kisses Joel!  Check out his blog, you’ll find it entertaining and insightful.

Now, of course I’m doing things out of order, so next, I’ll tell you seven things about myself that I haven’t mentioned before.

1.  I love the rain.  It’s when my muse speaks to me the most.

2. I love dogs and I dislike cats.  I can’t outright hate them because my granddaughter has one.  But, when given a choice, I’d rather pet a skunk than a cat.

3. I drive a little red car.

4. I cry at sad movies, happy movies, when people perform acts of kindness, well..the list is too long to list.  I cry at things that touch me, let’s leave it at that.

5. My mother is 87 and still kicking.  Hi, Mom!

6. I love music, especially tunes from the 60’s and 70’s.  Bon Jovi wants me!

7. I’m not always cranky, “Shut up, Danny!” Ignore my SO, he knows not of what he speaks!

O.K.  Now you know much more than you’ll ever need to about me.  So let’s move on to my nominees, who inspire me, who make me laugh and make me cry.

Gatlit Balli – Adventure In Words

Ben – “Ben’s Bitter Blog”

Katy – “Happy Little Somethings”

Bashar – Bashar’s Outpost

mewhoami – MeWhoAmI

Elizabeth – Myeyesareuphere

Ned Hickson – Ned’s Blog

Granny K – Granny Reports

Marsha – Another Boomer Blog

Valerie – Atlanta Mom Of Three

Professor Riley – Rileys Blog of Fame

Danielle – Keeping Up With The Holsbys

FTWM – Mummyshyez

Frances – Frances 59’s Ramblings

Sara – This Southern Mom

There they are!  My nominees that I feel deserve this award.

I want to have a word with my nominees.  This is a gift of love I am sending.  You are not obligated to pass this award on to others, but I hope you do.  I just want to recognize you for the great posts you write and to encourage you to continue writing them.  And, I’ve nominated you so other bloggers know you’re out there and discover how versatile you are!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of followers and you can’t come up with 15 nominees of your own, just list the ones that do touch you in some way. (You can also go exploring like I did a few weeks ago; oh, the wonderful sites I found!)

O.K., now everyone can come back in the room.  I want to thank everyone for the love and support you have shown me in the two short months I’ve been on WordPress.  I also look forward to a long and wonderful relationship with you and your amazing sites.

Oops..I think I hear the dinner bell!  I must leave now and join my fellow NaNoWriMo campers and cook some words over the campfire.  See ya soon!




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