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Did We Win or Lose?

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I’m a Baby Boomer and, yes, I was there when Women’s Lib was born.  Our generation of women were up in arms; burning bras and bowing at the knees of Gloria Steinem.  We made a lot of changes, and the movement continues today as women continue to fight for equality among men. And that is a wonderful thing.   But, in our battles, did we lose something along the way?  I’m afraid we did.

So intent on being a man’s equal; we confused the poor guys.  They stopped treating us as ladies.  And why?  Because women stopped acting like ladies.  They changed their dresses for harsh looking business suits and then moved on to wearing clothes that barely cover their privates.  Women today freely use language that shocks even the most hardened construction worker.  They boast about their sexual adventures and jump into bed indiscriminately. They throw their morals to the wind along with the respect of men.  Is it any wonder that men don’t know how to be gentlemen anymore?

To keep up with these changes, the men have evolved also.  From calling young women Miss, they now refer to them as “bitches.”  If they open a door for a young girl, it’s often so they can ogle her butt that’s hanging out of those Daisy Dukes.

Did we win the war but lose the battle?  Can’t we find an even balance between feminine and feminism?  I think we can.  There are women such as: Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Diane Sawyer who have achieved all the goals we worked for in Women’s Lib but have always acted and looked like ladies.

On a personal note, I miss Chivalry.  If you’ve never experienced the respect shown by a man holding a door for you; pulling out your chair when you reach the table or settling for a good night kiss on that first have missed out on some very special moments.  I know I miss those moments.

So, in our fight to continue winning the war on equality; let’s not give up our right to be a lady.  Let’s show the world that we can be both strong and feminine at the same time.  Maybe men will start to bring back Chivalry.


Just saying!

To all the men who have continued to treat women with the respect they deserve, I applaud you!  And to all the women who have earned that respect without sacrificing her femininity, you are the true winners of the Women’s Lib Movement!  Peace, Sisters!


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