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Have You Seen Me?

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This woman was last seen entering the hallowed halls of academia last October and she has not been heard from in months by her WordPress followers. Has she been abducted by aliens? Has she fallen into one of those infamous Florida sinkholes? Or, has she been sucked into the vortex of higher learning and is unable to find her way out?

Wait, is that the door to her Blog room opening! Yes, there she is. A little older, much wiser and now able to break free of those academic commitments long enough to say “Hey, y’all!”

Wow, it’s been a while, my friends! But, I am finally here and hope I will be able to blog more often now that I’ve gotten two semesters under my belt. It’s starting to get a little easier in school once I’ve gotten used to how things work and what instructors are looking for. So, I now have a little more time to blog and oh, how I have missed you all!

I guess a quick update is in order. I am doing well in my studies as I have received 7 A’s and one B (Biology kicked my proverbial butt!). I’ve made Dean’s list twice so far and have just been accepted into the Beta Xi Upsilon Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society! How about them apples? I am now an official College Nerd! Who would have thunk that at the age of 63 I can still keep up with the young’uns? Currently, my GPA is 3.83 but Math courses have yet to be conquered!

So far I have survived courses such as Biology, Environmental Science, Economics, Public Speaking and been introduced to Psychology 101 and American Literature. I am currently in English Comp 1 with English Comp 2 following next month. Every course has taught me something new and exciting (okay, Biology, not so much!) and that thirst for knowledge continues on. I’m getting closer to deciding what I’ll major in for my Bachelor’s degree and am determined to go all the way with a Doctorate Degree (if my ticker and teeth hold out long enough.)

On the personal side, Danny is doing well and the doctor’s  suspect that his Hepatitis C might be in remission! HALLELUJAH! He’s being retested in September so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Buddy is now over 100 pounds and rules the nest. He has turned into a wonderful companion and spends his day making the funniest faces! My kids are doing great! My granddaughter is now in the National Junior Honor Society and won Second Prize in the Florida State Science Fair. How about them apples!

I hate to say that my all of my writing time has been spent doing essays and papers for school. But, that’s okay since I’m sharpening my writing skills with every piece I write. It’s all about priorities right now and as long as I’m doing some type of writing, I’ll be okay! Although, I still sneak a peek at the stories I was working on before being shanghaied aboard the college train. And, more ideas are popping up daily, but for now, I just jot them down to work on at a later date.

So, how the hell have you all been? If you remember me, send me a comment! Let me know what’s new and exciting in your world. If you’re a new visitor, Welcome from a little old lady who is known to be “Cranky” at times but who loves her WordPress followers with a passion. I’m hoping I still have one or two left!

For now, I’ll sign off and hope to hear from all of y’all soon!





Remember Me?


I know….I know! I haven’t posted in weeks and believe me, it hasn’t been easy not to click into WordPress.  However, I’ve been having a tough time in my latest class “Public Speaking” and I haven’t spent time on my site…that time has been spent on this Horrible, Horrible course!

I used to do Public Speaking but it was 25 years ago.  I have forgotten more then I can remember and as easy as it sounds to write out a simple outline, stand up and deliver the damn thing…it’s a lot of work.  Research, audience analysis, blah, blah, blah.

Who knew such an innocent sounding course would be keeping me up at night? Anyway, since I’m not a quitter, I will survive this horrible, horrible course and then I’ll be back to say “hi” on a more regular basis.  Love ya all and hope all is fine!  Just be patient with me until I get through this horrible, horrible course!

Who would have ever thought that I’m actually looking forward to my next course, Biology! Guess I’d rather dissect a frog then give a speech!

Take care and I’ll be back soon!



P.S. Have I mentioned that this is a horrible, horrible course?


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