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The Early Life Of A Writer


Writers aren’t just born with a pen in their hand and a novel in their diapers.  They have to be introduced into the wonderful world of writing.  I first developed my love for the written word by meeting these characters, who romped and played and showed me how the ABC’s came together to form magical words.


Once I understood how words could form a story, a whole new world opened for me.  Reading became my lifeline, my escape and my salvation.  Some books served to inspire me when I was still too young to understand the word.


I moved on to books that opened up a whole new world; ones where my imagination could roam free.


Once I discovered reading, it was time to put my own thoughts and stories down on paper.  The writing tools I used differ greatly from those today.




As a young writer, I remember my reading of my first original short story “What I did on my Summer Vacation.”  It was my first attempt at creative writing, since I never did anything interesting during summer vacations.


The first time I put words on paper; I became a writer.  The tools have changed, the writing has improved with time and the inspirations come in many different forms these days.  But, when someone asks me when I knew I wanted to be a writer, I answer “The day I met Dick and Jane.”

My thanks and appreciation to all those teachers in my past who encouraged a small child’s love of reading and writing.

Do you remember when you first wanted to be a writer?


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