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There’s Something Spooky Going On!

Halloween-Night-Animated-Wallpaper_Okay, I know it’s the month when ghouls and goblins run rampant and try to spook us mere mortals.  But, it seems that one or two have been floating around my site lately and it’s starting to send chills down my spine!

Some unexplained phenomena I’ve been experiencing has me shaking my head and I’ve started to wear a garlic pendant around my neck.  I’m not easily spooked…well, not unless I’m reading a horror novel or watching a rerun of “The Ring.”  But, now I’m almost afraid to check my site and see what the ghosties have done to my posts.

While Danny was in the hospital, I couldn’t check my stats so it was a week later before I discovered that one of my posts titled “Watch Out For Those Gallinippers” caused a dramatic rise in my stats…all in one day!  If you haven’t read it, it’s about mosquitoes, okay, really large mosquitoes that were threatening my little tropical state of Florida.  It was funny (if I say so myself) but not really worthy of being viewed over two hundred and fifty times…all in one day…months after I published it. Spooky, right?

Then, this morning, I checked my site to find a mysterious thing had occurred.  In answer to one of Bastet’s Pixleventures challenges, I posted a gallery of black and white pictures on my sister site, “A Dream Come True.” I had reblogged it (I share…yes I do…with my faithful followers on both sites) and somehow…some way…a picture appeared in my Reblog Post that I hadn’t used in the challenge.

It was a black and white photo of people jitter-bugging way back in the 50’s.  I had used this photo in a piece titled “Dancing With The Shakes” and it was about the new trend called “The Harlem Shake” which I posted in February (way before twerking came our way!).  How did it get in my reblog post?

As you can see, I’m confused and surprised by all these strange goings on…but, being the fearless Cranky…I will continue to post and hope that you will let me know if you notice something strange or unusual (now I know..I’m often strange and unusual, but you know what I mean).  Because, there is definitely something spooky going on here in Crankyland!


Bring Back The Goblins!


I love holidays and one of my all-time favorites, both as a child and an adult, is Halloween.  But, as the years have passed, it seems that all the little goblins that would run up our walk with cries of “Trick Or Treat” have disappeared.

Danny and I moved to our current house over eight years ago.  We live in a mixed neighborhood of young families and not-so-young senior citizens.  It’s a quiet, but friendly neighborhood.  Our first year here, I kept an eye on the school bus stops and was thrilled to see a large number of kids who I felt were sure to stop in for a treat on Halloween.

I dressed the yard with cobwebs, headstones and pumpkins, set up two chairs at the top of our walk, nestled a large bowl of yummies on my lap and Danny and I waited for the onslaught of little trick-or-treaters.  After an hour, my neck hurt from looking up and down the street for the goblins…but not one was out and about.  After eight p.m., Danny and I dragged our disappointed selves into the house.

We followed this disappointing process for the next three years until we finally realized that the days of little goblins wandering our streets on Halloween were gone. I felt bad, not only for ourselves, but for the little ones.

Most parents bring their children to their town’s “Halloween Safe Walk” and do not allow the kids to do any actual trick or treating in neighborhoods.  I commend towns who organize these “safe” (but slightly commercial) walks which really consist of kids in costumes walking down the main street from booth to booth…standing in long lines to get a piece of candy and then moving on to the next booth.  I find this sad.  It’s like the kids are on an assembly line.

When I was a child, Halloween was a big deal.  We spent days, weeks and sometimes months dreaming of the excitement of knocking on our neighbor’s doors, dressed as ghosts, hobos or pirates and bringing home our pillowcases filled with goodies. For a few years, my parents went with us until my brother’s were old enough to escort us around the neighborhood.

When I was a child, Halloween was a big deal, and not just for the kids.  Adults would be at the door, waiting for us with large bowls filled with candy.  Some would hold a open house, where the family could get a cold glass of cider.  The streets were jammed, the costumes were homemade and the kids loved it.

I can hear some people now saying, “But, it’s too dangerous out there now to let our kids go from door to door in our neighborhood.”  I disagree.  Of course parents or responsible siblings MUST accompany the little ones on their rounds.  A strong police presence (or trustworthy volunteers) should be visible to prevent hooligans (or worse) from preying on the youngsters.  But, I feel that kids today are being robbed of the excitement, the fun and the thrill that was meant to be Halloween!

The young one’s aren’t the only ones being gypped by the fear of neighborhood trick or treating.  Think about the elderly people these kids would cheer up with their sweet faces and cute little costumes.  Those who don’t enjoy having kids come to their door could just leave their porch light off…a tried and true method of not being “in the mood” for Halloween.

Of course, there must be vigilance on the parent’s end….they must inspect their kids candy before allowing them to eat it.  Hospital’s offer free x-rays for trick-or-treaters to ensure some idiot hasn’t tried to harm a child.  But, it is doable…we can make our streets safe again and get those kids off the assembly line.  Let’s allow the youngsters of today the thrill of doing some real trick or treating.

So, let’s bring back the Goblins.  I miss them!



This post is dedicated to Bloggers For Peace and to my fellow B4Peace member, Rarasaur.  Check out their excellent site here!


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