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A Silent Hawk For Wordless Wednesday!


Shhhh…I’m supposed to be studying! But, just wanted to send this in to Bastet for her Wordless Wednesday for this week! Back to the books!




There’s Something Spooky Going On!

Halloween-Night-Animated-Wallpaper_Okay, I know it’s the month when ghouls and goblins run rampant and try to spook us mere mortals.  But, it seems that one or two have been floating around my site lately and it’s starting to send chills down my spine!

Some unexplained phenomena I’ve been experiencing has me shaking my head and I’ve started to wear a garlic pendant around my neck.  I’m not easily spooked…well, not unless I’m reading a horror novel or watching a rerun of “The Ring.”  But, now I’m almost afraid to check my site and see what the ghosties have done to my posts.

While Danny was in the hospital, I couldn’t check my stats so it was a week later before I discovered that one of my posts titled “Watch Out For Those Gallinippers” caused a dramatic rise in my stats…all in one day!  If you haven’t read it, it’s about mosquitoes, okay, really large mosquitoes that were threatening my little tropical state of Florida.  It was funny (if I say so myself) but not really worthy of being viewed over two hundred and fifty times…all in one day…months after I published it. Spooky, right?

Then, this morning, I checked my site to find a mysterious thing had occurred.  In answer to one of Bastet’s Pixleventures challenges, I posted a gallery of black and white pictures on my sister site, “A Dream Come True.” I had reblogged it (I share…yes I do…with my faithful followers on both sites) and somehow…some way…a picture appeared in my Reblog Post that I hadn’t used in the challenge.

It was a black and white photo of people jitter-bugging way back in the 50’s.  I had used this photo in a piece titled “Dancing With The Shakes” and it was about the new trend called “The Harlem Shake” which I posted in February (way before twerking came our way!).  How did it get in my reblog post?

As you can see, I’m confused and surprised by all these strange goings on…but, being the fearless Cranky…I will continue to post and hope that you will let me know if you notice something strange or unusual (now I know..I’m often strange and unusual, but you know what I mean).  Because, there is definitely something spooky going on here in Crankyland!


The Wacky Walk


I decided to add a little excitement to my morning walk this A.M.  Since it was Wordless Wednesday, I came up with the hair brained idea of taking a picture of the sun coming up over the lake at the end of our street!  Wow, I thought, those pictures will be sure to knock my friend Bastet’s socks off!

I donned my walking shorts, a thin tee-shirt, my new, pristine white Dr. Scholl’s sneakers and jammed a baseball cap over the Wally World haircut I got the other day that now makes me look like Bozo the clown.  Grabbing my water bottle and my cheap digital camera, I headed out the door.  I had a plan!

The one and one-half mile walk I take each day consists of circling the same block three times (I fear getting lost among the streets in my development…they all look the same and one gets easily confused.)  Each complete circle around the block takes fifteen minutes (the turtles make it in ten…but whatever!) and I wanted to capture the sunrise in stages so I felt that one shot each time I reached the lake would do the trick!  Round one I walked to the mound that surrounds the lake and raised the camera to take the first shot.

I forgot about the heavy rainfall the evening before and wound up slipping down the wet, slimy mound and succeeded in getting my legs covered in lake slime.   I did remember that there are snakes and gators in the lake so I crawled back up the mound on my hands and knees, took the picture and resumed walking with mud covered legs.  I passed two neighbors who usually greet me with a “Good Morning” and became confused when they just waved a weak hello.

I reach the lake once again and prepare to take the second shot.  I raise the camera and step up to take the perfect shot.  My now not so pristine white Dr. Scholls disappear into a hole in the mound and I once again wind up flat on my butt.  Wincing in pain from an ankle that doesn’t appreciate being turned in new directions, I pulled myself up again and took the second shot.

I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of straying from my normal path to take these damn pictures.  But, I am a Warrior, I told myself!  I limped off to finish my walk with mud crusted legs, a grass-covered behind and a hope that I would live to take the last shot.   Two more residents of my neighborhood approached and turned their heads as they passed me…probably because I now resembled a manic clown returning from a mud wrestling competition.  The last fifteen minutes of my walk to the lake was actually more of a walk..limp..walk regimen but I did make it to the lake.

This time, I scanned the terrain for possible traps that would cause me further bodily harm.  I took the last shot and headed home, mission accomplished and only a bit worse for wear.  Okay, I was scraped, dirty and crawled the last few feet up our driveway, but I did make it home alive!

After showering off the mud and slime, I limped to my laptop and posted the pictures on my sister site “A Dream Come True” so if you want, you can click on Mrs. Gulch to the right of this post and take a peek or you can see them by clicking here.  I hope that since I risked life and limb taking these pictures, that Bastet is happy and that you enjoy them.  I do think that it’ll be awhile before I repeat this wacky walk!

I have to go now and put an ice pack on my ankle.




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