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Don’t Ask Me…I Won’t Tell


Daily Prompt: Never

by michelle w. on June 5, 2013

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORBIDDEN. 

My father once gave me a piece of sage advice that I’ve never forgotten.  “Never talk about politics or religion when you drink.”  I bring that advice into my writing, for these are the two subjects that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole in my articles or stories.

I don’t refuse to write about these subjects because I worry about what people will think of me; I don’t hold back because I feel that I might upset some of my readers. Anyone who has followed my posts can tell you that at times I write with a soft and gentle touch.  Sometimes I come out kicking.

Why do I consider these two subjects off-limits?  Well, let me explain.

Let’s take politics first.  I am just not a political type of gal.  It’s as simple as that.  I leave the filibustering and controversy to minds and voices greater than mine to sort out the political issues that surround us.  It’s not that I don’t care what’s happening in our government, I’m just as American as the next writer.  I just don’t feel it necessary to make my political likes and dislikes public and I definitely don’t want to debate these issues.  I speak my mind at election time in the polls.

Now, give me an injustice, give me a cause to fight for and I run to my laptop and take off the gloves.  Show me some good old American patriotism and I’m the first in line to shout “Well, done!” But comments on the state of affairs in our government are better left in the hands of the political journalists; I don’t feel the need to tread in their waters.  I keep my opinions to myself and refuse to share them in print.

Why is religion taboo when I write?  I am just not a religious type of gal.  I have my beliefs, my faith in a higher power and my set of moral standards that I follow.  I don’t expect anyone else to walk my spiritual path and I don’t write about how others should follow my beliefs.  I avoid organized religion and hold my convictions close and private.  It’s who I am and it’s served me well.

Now, let me see an beautiful sunset, or hear the first cry from a newborn baby, and I’ll write about my beliefs in the beauty of the world.  Show me one human treating another with kindness and love and I’ll put those warm and fuzzy feelings I get in print.  But I leave the religious articles and posters that claim they have the one true religion to other writers and their followers.

To those writers who do tackle these difficult subjects in their writings, I tip my hat to you.  I do read your material and I respect your observations and views as I would when reading your pieces on any other subject.

But,  if you ask me to write about my views on Abortion or Gun Control, I’ll say, “Don’t ask me.”  And, if you want me to write about my religious beliefs, I’ll just shake my head and say “I won’t tell.”


Enough Already!


Back in my drinking days, I learned a very valuable lesson.  You don’t talk about religion or politics in a bar, period.  It’s never gonna have a happy ending.  Well, I treat my blog site in the same way..I don’t put my religious or political views out there for debate.  My views on both are mine..I hold them close and personal.  So, there!

That said, I am going to break that rule today..and for today only.  Because, I have heard and seen enough about Gun Control that I want to gag!  Hundreds of posters on Facebook, pamphlets left on my door, and phone calls from advocates of one proposed Gun Law or another have all driven me to distraction. So, here goes!

I have to address both sides of this issue, it’s the way I roll.  So lets start out with my talking to those of you who are so scared that the government is going to take away your weapons.  I guess you’re missing the word Control in the phrase Gun Control Laws.

And, yes, control of the sale of guns has become necessary.  Too bad if you have to give up those semiautomatic you use to pulverize a deer with; sorry about your luck if you have to pass a more intensive examination prior to being given a weapon that has the capacity to kill a fellow human.

Guns are currently available to people that should never have a weapon in their hands; the mentally ill, drug dealers and those unable to handle the responsibilities that go with owning a gun.  So, if stricter control of the sale of guns will keep even one future killer from creating mayhem..then suck it up!

Now, for those of you sitting back smiling, thinking Cranky has just walked over to the side of those who want to abolish the right to own a gun..think again.  We are Americans; our right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution of The United States.  Your attempts to take away those rights are just wrong.’re trying to limit one of our most fundamental rights that our forefather’s fought so hard for.

In your world, only military and law enforcement should be able to carry a weapon.  Huh!  Try using your pillow during a home invasion and see if that works from keeping those guys from harming you or your family.  Tell me that if your children are being threatened with bodily harm you wouldn’t use a gun to protect them.

You are trying to take away our right to defend our homes and families and that’s just not gonna happen!  We need to get illegal weapons off the streets; we need to have the right to have legal protection in our homes.

So, there you are!  Cranky thinks that both sides are right..and both sides need to start making some concessions regarding Gun Control Laws.  There is no easy answer to these issues.  All we, as Americans, can do is educate ourselves and sanely vote for bills that promote a safer world and ensure our rights are not trampled on.

Now, I’m not done!  I want to speak to each side separately.

To those idiots who have posted their children’s pictures on Facebook while holding semi-automatic weapons..all I can say is Really?  Way to go, Mom and Dad.  That sure is gonna swing my vote your way.  Do you really think pictures like that promote your cause?

And to the other side of the group, I am ashamed of you.  Using tragedies such as Newton and Colorado to bring people over to your side of the fence is so wrong on so many levels.  These tragedies were committed by mentally unbalanced individuals who happened to have used semi-automatic weapons.

I would love to see the money spent on Gun Control advertising, pro or con, used for mental health facilities and resources.  Let’s admit we need to address the lack of mental health facilities and resources for those battling mental illness.  Let’s get them off the streets and give them some help understanding and help dealing with their demons.

Let’s throw some of that money towards our beleaguered law enforcement people so they can get the criminals and drugs off our streets along with the illegal weapons. Let’s use intelligence and not hysteria to make these things happen.  Because truthfully, I’ve had enough!

Now, I’m done and as usual, I’m just saying!


Did We Win or Lose?

womens lib

I’m a Baby Boomer and, yes, I was there when Women’s Lib was born.  Our generation of women were up in arms; burning bras and bowing at the knees of Gloria Steinem.  We made a lot of changes, and the movement continues today as women continue to fight for equality among men. And that is a wonderful thing.   But, in our battles, did we lose something along the way?  I’m afraid we did.

So intent on being a man’s equal; we confused the poor guys.  They stopped treating us as ladies.  And why?  Because women stopped acting like ladies.  They changed their dresses for harsh looking business suits and then moved on to wearing clothes that barely cover their privates.  Women today freely use language that shocks even the most hardened construction worker.  They boast about their sexual adventures and jump into bed indiscriminately. They throw their morals to the wind along with the respect of men.  Is it any wonder that men don’t know how to be gentlemen anymore?

To keep up with these changes, the men have evolved also.  From calling young women Miss, they now refer to them as “bitches.”  If they open a door for a young girl, it’s often so they can ogle her butt that’s hanging out of those Daisy Dukes.

Did we win the war but lose the battle?  Can’t we find an even balance between feminine and feminism?  I think we can.  There are women such as: Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Diane Sawyer who have achieved all the goals we worked for in Women’s Lib but have always acted and looked like ladies.

On a personal note, I miss Chivalry.  If you’ve never experienced the respect shown by a man holding a door for you; pulling out your chair when you reach the table or settling for a good night kiss on that first have missed out on some very special moments.  I know I miss those moments.

So, in our fight to continue winning the war on equality; let’s not give up our right to be a lady.  Let’s show the world that we can be both strong and feminine at the same time.  Maybe men will start to bring back Chivalry.


Just saying!

To all the men who have continued to treat women with the respect they deserve, I applaud you!  And to all the women who have earned that respect without sacrificing her femininity, you are the true winners of the Women’s Lib Movement!  Peace, Sisters!


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