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So Wrong and So Sad


We all knew that racial discrimination was going to be a major issue in the State Of Florida’s case against George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is accused of  “racially profiling” Trayvon Martin and that resulted in the eventual struggle between Zimmerman and Martin, which led to Martin’s death.  We were warned; we were prepared to hear once again how a young black boy was prejudged to be “suspicious” based on his color of skin.

I sat in shock, not believing my ears, while I listened to young Rachel Jeantel’s testimony yesterday.  For those of you not following this controversial trial, she was the young girl on the phone with Martin just moments before he was shot.

She testified that Trayvon Martin stated that a “Creepy Ass Cracker” (George Zimmerman) was following him.  When asked if she felt that was a racist remark, she said, “No, sir.”


The defense has just proved that Zimmerman was not the only one that might have been guilty of racial profiling.

Rachel is nineteen years old and if her idea of what constitutes a racial remark is shared by the youth of today, then there will never be an end to discrimination based on the color on one’s skin.  And, that is so wrong, and so sad.

I thought the world had come further in accepting people for what they are and what they do, not on the color of their skin, but on the way they live their lives.  I guess I was wrong if a remark such as “creepy ass cracker” is considered an innocent remark, not a racial slur.

I live in Florida and I know that the term “cracker’ is used as an offensive racial slur against the Caucasian residents of this state.  It’s not a compliment, it’s an insult when someone calls you a “cracker.” Plain and simple.

Rachel testified that the term “cracker” was used in her community to refer to white people, so how is that not an ethnic slur?

I, like the jurors, am waiting for all the evidence before I pass judgement on George Zimmerman.  But, Rachel’s testimony upset me and now I question just who was doing the racial profiling, Zimmerman, Martin, or both?  If it was just one of them or both were prejudging someone’s intentions based on the color of their skin, then nothing has changed and discrimination will continue on forever.  And that is so wrong, and so sad.

Just saying.


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