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Pure Genius

This is one of the most wonderful, heartwarming videos I’ve come across in a very long time!  Who knew that a ball pit could bring such pleasure to two strangers. Whoever came up with this idea…Pure Genius!  Feel free to Reblog and brighten someone’s day!


This post is dedicated to Be For Peace member Front Page Scribbles who blogs from way out yonder in the Rocky Mountains!




The Snoring Room


Last night, after a full day of housework and cooking, Danny and I retired to the bedroom for a good night’s sleep.  I woke up when Danny attempted to gently roll me over.  “What’s the matter?” I asked.  “You’re snoring!” he replied.

Ok, so I roll over onto my tummy, a position that Danny claims prevents loud, obnoxious noises from spewing out of my mouth and went back to sleep.  I must have returned to my original position though, because I was awoken once again to the same complaint.  After the third time, I got out of bed, slipped my scuffy’s on and shuffled off to what I call the “Snoring Room.”

Since the kids have left us with an empty nest, we have two spare bedrooms and I have claimed one as mine for those nights when snoring becomes an issue.  Either I get tired of being woke up or I can’t sleep because my man is snoring to beat the band.

Now, I only have his word that I snore…I stayed up an entire night and didn’t hear myself snore once!  But I have been a victim of sleepless nights due to Danny’s snoring…so, I can appreciate the torture of listening to the sounds of a chainsaw cutting through the night.

The Snoring Room offers me shelter from these issues and has saved Danny and I from losing those Z’s that we need to wake refreshed in the A.M.  The only downside to this solution is that both Danny and I like to wake up in the same bed!  Corny, but true.  It’s a comfort to know your loved one is within arm’s reach and snuggled safely next to you.

Danny got up this morning, and I left the Snoring Room to get him a cup of coffee.

“I missed you when I woke up this morning.” he said.

“Well, you kept waking me up and saying I was snoring!” I shot back.

“You were snoring.”

“And you kept waking me up, so I went to the Snoring Room.” I replied.

He hung his head and said, “Next time I guess I should just send a note!”  God, I love this man!

Now, I did find what might be a solution to this dilemma, but I’m not quite sure that Danny wants to wake up, turn over and snuggle with me while I’m wearing a CPAP!

Do you need or have a snoring room?  How do you cope with a snoring partner…or are your snores keeping your partner awake? 


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