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A House Is Not Always A Home


The heat here in Florida has been stifling…so Danny and I decided to take a ride by the beach.  I love these little excursions as I get to look at all the McMansions sitting along the road.

We play a little game called “Which one is Steve’s house” in which we drive down the road that Stephen King has a winter house and guess which one the King of Horror lives in. Of course, Mr. King gives no clues: there are no vampires looking out the windows, there aren’t rabid dogs running to greet us and there isn’t a clown in sight. So, based on what we know about his house (which is close to nothing) we try to guess which one he roosts in during the northern winter months.

Here’s the one I think it is…


Why do I think this is the one?  It’s simple, its got enough room for Tabitha to write on one floor while he writes on another and it’s empty (since summer is here, I’m sure he’s enjoying Maine’s cooler temps.)  The Armed Security sign kept us from peeking around and I didn’t want to spend the day getting bonded out for trespassing, so I’ll just keep my conviction that this is where he lives.

We left his road and proceeded to drive down the scenic route that takes us past homes that are hard to imaging living in, such as this one…


Okay, guys and gals, although we all dream of living the life of the Great Gatsby, would you really feel at home in this huge, huge house?  I know I wouldn’t want to clean it and I’d probably spend half my day searching for Danny in this bad boy.  I probably don’t have enough friends to fill the entryway, never mind the living room.

We did find a touch of Florida at one of the homes in the driveway of this one…


No, not the luxury car..the golf cart is the new “in” way to travel around the beaches as long as the batteries don’t run out.

At the end of this long, long ride around the shores of the Gulf Of Mexico, I am reminded once again why I love Florida.  The beautiful sea and skies make for a stunning view from any place along the shore.


And for us that can’t afford one of those McMansions (which we jealously refer to them as) we always have access to the public beaches and you can frolic to your heart’s delight (as long as you follow the rules on this..)


You’ve all seen these..the signs that say don’t do anything but enjoy yourself while you’re doing it!  Anyway, we poor folk do love our beaches here and as you can see, the weekend is a great time to head to the Intercoastal Waterway as seen here…


Well, too soon our ride was over and we headed back to our simple little house.  I sat down and thought about all those beautiful houses, but wondered if they were really a home.  I can’t imagine myself living in one since I need a sense of closeness around me…my family, my friends and my dog would be swallowed hole in one of these houses.  So, even though they are great to look at, I’ll kick my feet up here and be glad for the simple things in life.

So, my friends, when you look at the pictures, you can decide for yourself whether these houses look like a home for you.  Me?  I’ll stay where I am, thank you very much.


Be It Ever So Simple

There’s No Place Like Home

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Oh, and by the way, I can’t leave without proof that the photographer of all the pictures, except the cartoon and the last photo, was ME!  Only I could get a picture of me in the sideview mirror…don’t worry…this is why I write and don’t take pictures!


Happy Sunday!



Is It Too Late To Unbottle?

“Artists who begin late are sometimes said to unbottle.” said Nanuzzi.

Excerpt from Duma Key by Stephen King


I have always dreamed of being a writer.

When I was much younger than I am now, I took my first creative writing course.  Before the course ended, my instructor called me aside and told me that I had a talent for writing and that I should pursue a career in it.  I thanked him and walked away.  At the time, I was raising three children, trying to make a second marriage work and had just started a job in the banking industry that offered an opportunity for growth and a career.  So, I stuffed my dreams of writing in a bottle and moved on.

A few years ago, I decided to sign up for online writing courses, curious to see if I did have any talent in that direction.  During the courses, I found that I not only enjoyed writing, but I was also surprised that I liked my writing, and so did my instructors.  But, once again, I turned my back on my ambitions and continued on with my life.

I believe that I hesitated to pursue my dream, not due to a lack of time or obligations I had, but because I had a lack of self-confidence and a fear of rejection.  So, the dream was kept in a bottle for most of my life.

Last year, I decided to once again dip my toes into the waters of writing.  I had heard about blogging, and felt that it was a low-risk method of trying to write something that people might actually read.  I searched around the Internet; looked into numerous blog sites and signed on for one.

I started off slow, did more reading than actual posting, and when I did post, it was an impersonal and silly piece that I had written a while back for one of my writing classes.  I was stunned when I got comments and even more stunned when people actually liked it!

Lately, I have found that my posts have taken on more of a personal note.  I find that my talent lies in writing about life experiences or issues that have deep meaning for me.  I am quite proud of some of the writing I’ve done when I’ve stayed in this area; although I will still post silly articles because they make me laugh!  But, I will leave the writing of the next great american novel to someone more experienced and motivated than I.  I will be happy if I can move forward and write a novel.  It would be a legacy for my grandchildren and a source of pride for my family.

I was quite pleased when another website contacted me and asked to publish some of my pieces on their website.   I was floored when one of those articles received more than 39,000 views.  It proved to me that some people actually liked my efforts. I am very close to actually sending out some of my work to publishers, as I feel I can handle rejection now, much more so than when I was younger.

Unbottling can be unsettling.  Ideas bombard my thoughts and I have to keep a pad around, so I can use the ideas in the future.  But, I no longer keep those ideas and my ambition to write kept bottled up.

So, is it ever to late to unbottle?  I don’t think so…what about you?



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