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To Tat Or Not To Tat

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I confess, Cranky has a tattoo! ¬†I had it done for my 40th birthday (just a year or two ago ūüôā ) and I like my tattoo. ¬†It’s small, it’s on my upper chest and I can hide it when I want. ¬†I went to a reputable Tattoo Parlor; I did my research and checked that only sterile needles were used and found the process not as painful as the horror stories I had listened to over the years.

Do I regret having Ink permanently imbedded in my skin? ¬†Sometimes. ¬†If I have to choose a fancy dress for a formal occasion, I have to pick one that covers the tat. ¬†My SO spent 22 years in the Navy and he’s unmarked (as long as you don’t count the wrinkles) so he kids me about mine. ¬†I just give him the “Whatever” look and that usually ends the ribbing. ¬†But, all in all, I really don’t have a problem with wearing it.

Some people are not so lucky.  Due to bad planning, a bad artist or an abundance of alcohol, some people make lifelong mistakes in their tattoo choices.  Let me give you a few examples and tell you where they might have gone wrong in their designs!

There are two things to look for when you chose a Tattoo Artist who is going to do your tat.  The first is to make sure they know how to spell. (I imagine that this poor girl regrets not shopping around for an artist that graduated grammer school!)


The second absolutely necessary qualification you should look for in your inker is the ability to actually draw!  This fellow is going to be really impressed when this tattoo is complete!  I think she went to that Art School by Mail!


Not all tattoos are the fault of the artist. ¬†They do exactly what the customer requests..and it winds up being a train wreck! ¬†Some people just simply have bad taste and don’t mind letting the world know it!


One of the new trends in tattoos is to bring in a photograph and have the artist duplicate it on your body. ¬†These usually don’t qualify for the “Is It Real Or Is It Memorex” debate. ¬†We all love our kids, but bringing in a photo and expecting your tat to come out looking like your child are pretty slim.

Weirdest_And-Funniest_Tattoos _26

And you might want to stick with the pictures that the photographer took at your wedding.


Another new trend is for the bald men or one’s who prefer shaving their heads instead of a daily combing, to decorate their bare pates in a novel way. ¬†Anybody hungry?

Weirdest_And-Funniest_Tattoos _46

And I don’t think this dude knows if he’s coming or going.

Weirdest_And-Funniest_Tattoos _01

  Now, you can (based on the talent of the 2nd tat artist) rectify some of the mistakes that were made on your original tattoo.  Unfortunately, this customer picked an artist who thought they were an editor redacting a novel!


So, what’s my advice to those who are getting their first tattoo? ¬†Make sure you know the qualifications of your artist (ask for references and pictures of their work). Make sure it’s a reputable tattoo parlor and that they practice safe, clean tattooing. ¬†And, ¬†make sure you choose wisely in the design of your tattoo. ¬†Remember, most of the time, tattoos are a lifetime commitment, no buyers remorse allowed!

What advice would I give to my granddaughter if she asks whether she should get a tattoo? ¬†I’ll smile, lean over and whisper in her ear, “ASK YOUR MOTHER!”


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