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A New Page In My Life

on March 29, 2013


What a wild coupla of months here in Blogsville!  I woke up this morning and realized that I had reached two months since I landed in WordPress, full of hope, ambition and a voice that was crying to be heard.  And, you my friends, have listened.  You’ve offered me encouragement; you’ve read my posts, you commented, and you heaped blessings on me.  What can I say?  You complete me! (shoot, I think someone else used that line!)

Anyway, I decided to let you in on a few things that are happening with me and my blog (yeah, I know, you’re on the edge of your seats!) The first change I’ve made is above the top of this post.  Look up…up..a little more!  See the “Awards” label?  Clicking on that will bring you to my new page in my blog site.  Guess what’s in it?

The overwhelming love you have sent in the form of awards inspired me to place all those badges on a separate page.  So, when you pop in for a visit, you’ll be able to check it out.  Now, it’s really not all about! All my nominators are listed under the award they sent me; please take the time and visit their sites.  Each and every one of them is a super blogger and well worth a visit!

So the ostentatious display of badges I used to have on my posts can only be seen (if you really, really want to) on the “Awards” page.  You now have the choice of just reading my current post, reading my sad little profile or checking out the goods in the Awards room.  Easy, peasy!

Onward and upward.  I have only 2 days and a little over 16 hours before I arrive at Camp NaNoWriMo.  If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m going to their April Writing Camp and write a Novel in one month.  (Quit laughing..ok..are you done yet?)  My knees are shaking, my head is spinning and my eyes are rolling around and around.  What was I thinking when I enrolled in this camp?  Are my meds off again?

But, a challenge is why I signed up and Cranky never backs off a challenge.  So, I’m packing up my words and heading off for the campfires.  I’ve already got some cabin mates; (all female, so there goes my hopes of a Summer Camp Romance!)  I have done a small outline and written about 2000 words, which means I’m going to be flying by the seat of my pants for about 90% of the time I’m at camp!  And, I’m o.k. with that; I just hope that I don’t end up the creek with out the proverbial paddle!

What?  Did someone ask me what kind of novel I’m going to write?  I thought I’d go for a genre that would be a good fit for me;  I went with Comedy (big surprise, right?)  And, even though I’ve only written a few chapters; I’m already having a hell of a good time!  So, let’s see if I can keep my sense of humor trying to meet that 30 day deadline.

Now, they allow downtime during this camp (plus I’m gonna skip the Arts and Crafts classes so if you were expecting a handmade wallet, you’re out of luck), so I’ll still be posting here and putting my two cents in on your posts.  I’ll also try and keep you updated on what’s happening in Camp..hopefully I’ll get some good gossip advice I can pass on to you!  You might get a postcard from me begging you to let me come home..ignore them!

Before I close, I’d also like to share with you a first in my experience as a blogger.  I got my first Cyber-bully and boy, was he/she a doozy!  Now, I’ve got a tough hide but this commenter really pissed me off got to me.  They were looking for a debate (or a cat-fight..meow) and got really insulting when I wouldn’t join in.  However, I just gave them a final “Talk to the hand”  and changed my comments so that all have to be approved before appearing on my post.  It’s a little more work but at least you won’t be subjected to this bully’s comments in my blog.  Life goes on!

So, to make a long story short (much too late) I’m turning a new page in my life…let’s hope I get to write lots of neat things on it!

Just saying!

24 responses to “A New Page In My Life

  1. keladelaide says:

    Well said on all fronts as always.

  2. Great post – love the style.

    A couple of months ago I published a post asking WordPress about cyberstalking. No reply!

  3. Susan says:

    I like the way your organized your awards on a separate page. I am certain to look at all the others’ you listed. Thank you for mentioning me and my blog, too! Keep on writing . . . . 😀

  4. sheilamariegrimes says:

    super idea!

  5. grannyK says:

    I wish you tons of luck!

  6. Sounds like you are off and running! Can’t wait to hear about your new adventure and read what you write. Always a delight and lots of fun! Good luck and enjoy!

  7. sarahcradit says:

    Love it and love your blog! I am so glad I found it…I never realized how much I would like blogging, but what surprised me even more was how awesome some of the people I’ve met are. Present company included 🙂

    Oh, and I recently made a separate page for awards (it also includes things like links to reviews of my books and any blog guesting Ive done), and it cleaned things up a TON.

  8. 1tric says:

    Happy writing! I can only dream of getting away, no family or kids, and just writing!!!!!!!!

  9. TamrahJo says:

    So- if you get downhearted at camp, remember that Victor Frankl wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning” in 9 days –
    True, he thought about what he wanted to write for the 3 (I think) years he was in concentration camps, but still, he wrote it in 9 days and it remains a well-read classic.

    You’ve got 30 days, right? Plus your head start – So no problemo! 🙂

    Have Fun!

  10. Aurora says:

    We NaNoWriMo Vikings are all crazy…but that’s what makes us fun 🙂

  11. Sallyann says:

    Hey, I like the idea of an awards page too, mind if I copy that one ?
    For pretty much the same reasons as you gave too. 🙂

  12. Luckily I haven’t had any cyber bullies yet, however like you I have my approved comments turned on. I am now going to have a nosey around your awards section now! 🙂

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